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VTX Shootout & Power Output Testing

2017-12-06 103 22 6,141 YouTube

This is my VTX shootout and power output testing video where I test the TBS Unify HV Race, Matek HV, RaceDayQuads Mach 2, AKK FX2, and the Eachine VTX03 5.8ghz video transmitters to see how they perform head to head against each other, and to see if they output the claimed power stated by the manufacturer with an ImmersionRc RF Power Meter. I think the results speak for themselves and will shock you, along with giving you an idea on what vtx is the best for your build. Here are some links to more information, and where you can purchase these vtx's: TBS Unify Race HV: Matek HV: RaceDayQuads Mach 2: AKK FX2: Eachine VTX03: Thank you for watching this video, if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more upcoming and exciting fpv related reviews and video's, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, like and share the video, and please feel free to leave any questions, comments or suggestions in the normal place below.