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6 AMAZING GADGETS FOR YOUR BIKE Subscribe my channel to get know all news! ► TOP 6 Futuristic Wallets You MUST Have ► Top 10 COLLEST ATVs in the world ► WingLights While turning on the road, the cyclist is supposed to indicate it by hand movement in the corresponding direction. In general, this procedure is very convenient and clear for the drivers, but it does not work well in the twilight and, especially, at night, because the cyclist is basically not visible. Trail Racer . A small company Lauf from Reykjavik, Iceland, has developed a revolutionary front fork of Trail Racer for mountain bikes. The fork combines the soft stroke of the shock absorbers and the low weight of the rigid forks. The plug is made of carbon fiber and weighs only 2.2 pounds. The amplitude of the stroke in the 60 mm fork is provided by 12 cushioning plates made of a flexible but very strong composite. SoftWheel SoftWheel is a newly invented wheel. The new wheel aims to develop a wheel with an integrated suspension. The idea helps to save up to 30 percent of the energy spent by a person when riding a bicycle precisely thanks to the suspension. The project used a symmetrical technology with a selective system, in which the cylinders minimize the force when the wheel hits. It is a wheel consisting of three "spokes" connecting the hub with a spring rim. Bisecu Bisecu is smart bicycle anti-theft bluetooth lock. The gadget was developed by the engineers of the startup of the same name in Korea. Locks that communicate with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth don’t make innovation but the creators of Bisecu still managed to improve this invention. Unlike most similar devices, this one is put on the wheel only once and does not require removing. GObyLIVI A gadget is a set of two devices working in tandem. The main purpose of this device is to simplify the controls of a bicycle or a motorcycle, while increasing traffic safety. The gadget includes a compact display that is attached to the steering wheel, and a helmet with a built-in bluetooth headset. Effigear Gearboх Effigear Gearboх is a bicycle with a gear box. These bikes use a toothed belt instead of a chain, and a special gearbox is used for changing the speeds. Accordingly, there is no "system" and there is no cassette. Of course, there is no "tail" sticking down out of the rear wheel area, which is necessary for switching and for pulling the chain. Links: WingLights от 24$ ► LAUF FORK ► SoftWheel ► Bisecu 99$ ► GObyLIVI ► Effigear ► Gearbox Watch the video ►