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Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum - Which to Buy

2017-11-01 4,772 675 826,003 YouTube

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum: DJI Mavic Pro: New Quieter Propellers: Support Ready Set Drone and get perks: The best camera drone for your money? The DJI Mavic is it! But which Mavic do you buy? The Mavic Pro or the Mavic Pro Platinum? We demonstrate the differences between these two amazing quadcopters and break down the benefits and drawbacks of spending the extra money. We also tell current Mavic Pro owners if upgrading is worthwhile if you already own a Mavic Pro. This video was shot with DRONR and is our most comprehensive collaborative drone review to date! Whether you are an expert drone pilot or you just want to learn how to fly a drone, this video will help you understand the differences between two of DJI's most popular models! For more drone and technology content like this, please subscribe to Ready Set Drone! Join the Ready Set Drone Flight Crew: For cool drone T-Shirts: To see more great content from DRONR: