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Check In At The Airport - The 7 Questions You MUST kNOW

2018-06-06 9,298 268 366,201 YouTube

Checking in at the airport can be easy and quick! Watch this video and learn the 7 questions and phrases you must know in order to check in at the airport anywhere around the world! This is another travel English video to help you learn how to check in at the airport in English. There are many questions and phrases you need to learn in order to check in at the airport. However, in this video, I will show you the most popular questions! The 7 questions you must know to have an easy process at the check-in at any airport around the world. Also in this video, I talk about a post on my blog where I show 10 additional airport phrases in English as well as questions you may need at the airport. So check it out! Here is the link: On my patreon, you can also find another post about English at the airport: Now, please consider that the check -in process may vary and today with technology, you can even do your check-in by yourself at airport check-in kiosks (in these cases, the process is different and you don't have to talk to an attendant). But in general, the phrases and questions I talked about in this video, are the ones I myself had to answer in previous trips to the USA and to Europe. Answering these questions can be difficult for some people. That's why in this video I focus on simplicity. Giving short and simple answers is the best way to check-in at the airport. Follow me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: