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Always something new (Frame, FC, Esc's)

2017-10-03 784 19 13,827 YouTube

I get to test a lot of new stuff in mini quads but usually one part stays the same. This time how ever that has changed as I am testing out the new KISS FC V2 and KISS32a esc's. I figured that since all the other Flyduino gear I have tested has started in my back yard that I would continue with the tradition. I can't talk about specs yet but all you numbers guy will be happy I'm sure as there is plenty of big numbers to keep you happy. Worth noting that this video was still using only 1KHz. To add to the prototype testing I am also testing my new frame I am designing with ImpulseRC. All these things should be out soon I hope. Music: Afar, we stand Vexiac Parts used: Frame: ImpulseRC???????????????? FatShark Dominator HDV3 googles True-D receiver with VAS Mad Mushroom and IRC 8dbi Patch ImmersionRC Tramp 5.8 VTX Spironet antenna Rotor Riot Swift 2 KISS FC V2 PROTOTYPE KISS 32a PROTOTYPE Dinogy 1300 4s battery Rotor Riot HypeTrain motors HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S FrSky Taranis (5db antenna mod) with X4R receiver running S.Bus GoPro 5 Session