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Modify IRC TrampHV VTX Settings using FRSKY TARANIS Menu

2017-02-02 74 1 7,564 YouTube

Complete Guide Link - Subscribe Here - The way it works is the RX S.port is connected to UART TX in the FC And the TrampHV T pin (telemetry) is connected to another UART TX in the FC as well, and that way you have communication between the RX TO FC TO Tram[HV and vise versa. Frsky TARANIS Radio Controller - ImmersionRC TrampHV Video Transmitter - LINKS -------- 2.2.x OpenTX Firmware: Flash Taranis Firmware Video: LUA Script: Betaflight Firmwares: Hope it helps, please subscribe to my channel, share comments Would love to hear your thoughts, Cheers !