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FPV Reviews: Getting in-depth with the Vortex Mojo 230, from Horizon/ImmersionRC

2018-04-18 105 2 5,358 YouTube

The Vortex 230 Mojo is the latest and greatest quad from ImmersionRC and reputedly the best flying quad out of the box. Lets find out if that's true. This review is quite a bit longer than usual. The reason it is so is because the Vortex quads do things a little bit different, so I thought it was important to show these. It's also a fairly pricey prospect, so for anyone considering the purchase, I did want to make sure I tried to answer most of the questions they might have. If you fly a Vortex - do you like it ? Let me know what you think of the way it does stuff If you want to know where to pick up a Vortex quad, then check out ImmersionRC's website, they don't sell directly, but have a list of authorised resellers. Hopefully, they'll be one in your county This is the Horizon Blade version which came from here but I wouldn't buy the EU version myself. There's always the US version instead As to the competition. I do love the Kopis 1 (Affiliate link) I think the Vortex edges it in the features, but the Kopis 1 is a bit cheaper. I maintain a deals/coupon page on my blog, so don't forget to check it out if you are looking for discount codes If you liked this video and want to show your support - either through subscribing, using an affiliate link, becoming a Patreon supporter or buying a T-shirt, then check out all the ways you could help out here