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AKK X2 Ultimate 1200mW Vtx long range test (oh, it is GOOD!)

2018-04-23 977 35 41,018 YouTube

AKK X2 Ultimate Vtx: ⮟⮟⮟OPEN DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO⮟⮟⮟ The first part of a much anticipated test is now a fact! The AKK X2 Ultimate Vtx really impresses with the promise of a 1200mW output from its tiny 6 gram form factor, and my tests have shown that in addition to heat, thi Vtx really does output its signal at a higher power, giving a much cleaner image at a greater distance! Still more tests need to be done, but this one is looking promising, and seems like yet another great AKK product. I've been happy with their X1P Vtx on my Clouds up until now, I hope the X2 Ultimate will continue to serve me well... from FAR away! :D Follow me on Facebook for daily updates: Ways you can support me directly: Patreon: PayPal: Or by using these links before buying anything from the chosen website: Banggod: AKK Tech: FPVmodel: Aliexpress: GetFPV: HorusRC: GearBest: PARTS LIST: AKK X2 Ultimate Vtx: X-UAV Clouds: FeiYu Tech Mini3D Pro gimbal: FireFly 8S camera: LiIon battery: and: Special edition Taranis: or: or: or: FrSky R9M and R9 combo: MFD Antenna Tracker: MFD TeleflyPro OSD: Video gear: Panasonic Lumix G7 Zhiyun Crane Gimbal: / FeiYu Tech Wearable Gimbal: FireFly 6S camera: SJ7 Star action camera: