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15 Causes of Drone Crashes and Flyaways - Avoid crashing your drone

2017-10-14 3,320 104 203,250 YouTube

If you're asking 'Why did my drone crash?'... Most crashes and flyaways happen for a reason. Watch this and learn how to fly safe and avoid crashing your drone with the main reasons that cause crashes and flyways. For new and experienced flyers; we've all come close to making one or more of these mistakes. Comment to have more suggestions featured *** Thinking of getting the Mavic 2? It helps me & my channel if you click these links, even if you don't buy, and you'll get free shipping: Mavic 2 Pro: Mavic 2 Zoom: *** All my tutorial Videos: Useful stuff on my website: All my gear: And for USA viewers: For anyone that wants to buy me a beer, my paypal is: For UK flyers, use the NATS drone-assist app by air-traffic control: Shot in 4K and uploaded in 1080p. Music by Epidemic Sound Happy flying guys.... Ian