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4 Months with the Mojo 230 (Update, Review, Broken Parts, durability)

2018-02-27 123 1 3,536 YouTube

I decided to make a video about my flying experience with the Mojo 230 over the past 4 months. This is an update, review, broken parts and durability break down. I talk about my experience and how it performs and what features I like. I also lost one in the ocean due to pilot error. Best racing drone if you're looking for robust and quality as main characteristics. My videos with Mojo 230: Cyprus: Netherlands: Aruba: Leaving a comment with your thoughts would be highly appreciated :) If you dig this video please like and subscribe :) Setup: Frame: Vortex Mojo 230 Props: Gemfan Flash Series 5152 HD Cam : Gopro Session 4 Antenna: IRC Spironet Tranmitter: Taranis Special Edition RC: Crossfire Goggles: Fatshark Dom HD v2 Lipo: Multiple brands...favorite is Llamah 1580 by Rebel Miniquads / Vlog Setup \ Main Camera: Main Camera 2: Mic for Camera: Action Cam: Action Cam 2: Tripod: /Editing Setup\ PC: Software: Hard Drive: Big shoutout to all my sponsors for keeping me airborne! Subscribe here: For more drone related stuff follow me and my team here: