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I Was a Homeless Kid in Mexico

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It all started from a car crash. One that took away a parent and a brother. After that she was left to fend for herself from the age of 7 onwards. She lost her childhood and had to fight to survive enduring things that even adults shouldn't be exposed to. She fought her whole life to survive - even when she was safe. And just when she was about to break down, she was saved by a mental hospital. There she learned how to deal with what she went through and how to live with her past. After so much work on herself she made it out to the other side scarred but okay. What's most beautiful is that she was able to help those who had a past like her. Sometimes all they needed was just to know that they were not alone. Just to know that there was someone else who went through what they are going through and made it out okay. And this is the magic of stories.