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What If SCP-1048 Was Real?

2019-01-24 2,748 52 114,159 YouTube

What If SCP-1048 Was Real? Subscribe To Life's Biggest Questions: Did you have a teddy bear growing up? I did, his name was Louis - and he was a snow monkey. I loved that guy. Alright, maybe you didn’t have a teddy bear - but something that you focused your childhood affection on. A blanket, a strange shaped twig - a purple sippy-cup with a bright yellow moon and stars. Whatever it is, child psychologists believe that teddy bears and their ilk are the perfect emotional magicians - the magical stuffed animal that can ease stress, build confidence, soothe tears, and aid in social development. It helps children handle fear, anxiety, separation - and the unknown. But, what if that childhood teddy bear was actually the most insanely terrifying anomalous entity in science fiction horror? Well, as per usual - the SCP Foundation has got us covered, so let me introduce you to SCP-1048 - and move over Chucky, Annabelle and Robert the Doll - because this guy is a whole different level of fear. #scp #whatif #lbq What If Logan Paul Beats KSI? What If KSI Beats Logan Paul? What If The SCP Foundation Was Real? VOICE ACTOR: Jack Finch: VIDEO EDITED BY: Lucy McPhee Sources: For business inquiries, please contact