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How to (Perfectly) Calibrate Your Drone! | USA Toyz

2017-05-18 276 34 63,011 YouTube

This is a comprehensive how-to tutorial on how to calibrate your drone to fly perfectly! This will help you to get the most out of your drone by teaching you how to properly calibrate your drone so it flies level, making for an easier flying experience and even longer battery life! Please let us know in the comments if this video was helpful and share to help someone else too! Wanna get your very own drone? Right here! Have a question? Comment! Or contact customer service at Check out some of our other drone tutorials! Make sure to always be safe while flying and always keep away from the propellers anytime the drone is turned on! Share if you’re a fan of fun! Keep up with the best drones and RC toys by subscribing! Want one? Get one here! Have one? Comment and tell us about it! We’re a small but mighty team of fun-seekers with one goal – to share it all with YOU! You can come visit our hometown store on the Interwebs here: Want to see more videos? Click here! Follow us on social media for more great posts and products! Facebook: Instagram: